TBM. Motorsport

Tom Brooks is a sports commentator and Journalist and has been working in media since age 13. While studying his GCSEs he decided that he wanted to have a career he would enjoy. Sports commentating was something that appealed to him and at the time he was writing for a new Formula 1 website. He began by commentating over some old racing videos and putting them up on his YouTube channel, before long it began to gain some attraction. Tom Brooks has commentated on television for some national racing championships, providing circuit commentary across the UK, and worked as both a radio broadcaster/ television host for a few organisations.

Tom Brooks is forming his own racing team: TBM Motorsport. Tom and his Dad will both be sharing a Citroen C2 Livery for the remaining 2020 season, which has been wrapped by Joyce Design in his colours of: Blue, Black and white. Tom’s car is a 1.6 VTS model and has 130- 140 break horsepower. 

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Weitere Informationen

Tom Brooks car will be raced in Rallycross. Rallycross is a form of sprint style automobile racing. It is held on a closed mixed- surface racing circuit. It’s main countries are: Netherlands, Belgium, France and Great Britain, as they are Nordic countries.


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVkQ6RHlIMYz3POTA58TOpA