Swamp Thing

Tony Dixon is the current UK Monster Truck Racing and joint Freestyle champion. The Swamp Thing 4×4 monster truck team is a family run business and we love meeting new and existing fans and putting smiles on their faces.
Tony Dixon is the Driver of Swamp Thing 4×4 monster truck and also the driver of his custom built lorry which he moves Swamp Thing around in. The custom built trailer contains spare parts and tools to fix and maintain Swamp Thing. The team also live in the trailer whilst travelling to shows all over the UK and Europe, it’s our home from home. 


The Swamp Thing 4×4 team are on social media Instagram, Facebook and we have our own YouTube Channel www.youtube.com/user/swampthing4x4 where you can find our latest action highlight videos from our shows and also Tony and his team take you behind the scenes with their Vlogs.
Visit the website  www.swampthing4x4.co.uk 

You may of seen Swamp Thing on TV and yes you are right. Swamp Thing has appeared on many shows such as ‘How To Be epic At Everything’, ‘Catie’s Amazing Machines’, ‘Car S.O.S’ and ‘Man Down’. Tony has performed stunt work in other TV shows and recently he has been teaching Ken Block and Edris Elba to drive Monster Trucks for their upcoming TV show called ‘Elba Vs Block’ on Quibi.

Swamp Thing is an alligator and alligators live in a swamps hence why the monster truck is called Swamp Thing. The truck is a Ford F350 Super Duty replica with painted fibre glass body panels.

Truck info 
Engine: 10,000cc V8 Methanol (which is a biofuel) injected 572 Cubic Inch Tall Block, BDS Supercharger built by ZaNNtec
Transmission: ZaNNetec Turbo 400
BHP: Est 2000bhp
Suspension:8 X 26″ Racesource Nitro Shocks
Height: 11ft 6″Width:12ft 6″
Length: 19ft
Weight:5,500 Kg.

Tyres: 66 inches tall and 43 inches wide and each one weighs 500 kg.