Strong Taylor Racing

Owen races in the junior Stoxkart formula for ages 11-16 it’s a full contact formula and use of bumpers is encouraged the karts reach speeds in excess of 50mph and race both tarmac and shale tracks with up to 30 karts on track it’s a great sport to race in and spectate. He had his first race the day after his 11th birthday and absolutely loved it his biggest achievement to date is being the first ever junior to win the junior GP championship the year it was introduced in 2018.

Lewis races in the Brisca Micro F2 formula for ages 7-11 it’s a non competitive formula and they don’t run championships it’s a strictly non contact formula designed to build confidence and learn track craft  but with up to 35 cars on track at a time 4 wide around corners and speeds of around 40mph it’s always great racing and Lewis has had some spectacular crashes but just as many chequered flags. His highlights of his racing so far is winning at his first ever shale meeting at stoke speedway Despite being nervous about the loose surface and also reaching red grade.He is currently in his last year of the Micro f2s and is looking forward to joining Owen in the Junior Stoxkarts next season.

Both boys enjoy their time in the pits with friends just as much as the actual racing the social side is fantastic and they spend a lot of time in the workshop maintaining the car/karts. Competition and banter between brothers is brilliant but they are always ready to offer each other advice and a hand when things don’t go to plan.

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