How to Guide – Shampoo & Ultra Wax

Your car is usually the second most expensive purchase most people make in their lives; it’s an important piece of kit and sees a lot of use. For most people their car is used daily, to continue this constant use means that there must be some kind of maintenance. So here at Power Maxed we are making it a step easier at keeping that Maintenance up, with this How to Guide on our Shampoo & Ultra Wax containing foam boosters and strong detergents to easily lift dirt away from the surface of your vehicle. This is sure to keep your vehicle spotless and gleaming.

Let’s get to it

Make sure to use the two bucket method it’s makes all the difference! This is simply one bucket filled with shampoo and one with clean water for rinsing out your mitt. STAY AWAY from those cheap yellow sponges as they are prone to scratch.

  1. Fill a bucket 2/3 full with water. Add the recommended amount of Power Maxed shampoo to the water. Using a strong jet of water, fill the bucket to fully activate suds. Fill the second bucket with clean, water for rinsing your wash mitt.
  2. Soak a large wash mitt in the soapy water and wring it out over the wash surface. This acts like a pre-soak, adding further lubrication and helps loosen gunk on the surface.
  3. Begin washing the car.  Working in sections, start at the top of the car and work your way down, regularly cleaning your mitt in the rinse bucket.
  4. Wash in straight, overlapping lines as opposed to circles and remember to be gentle with the wash mitt on the first pass. This first pass will pick up most of the dirt and loosens the remaining dirt for pick up on the second pass.
  5. If the water in the bucket begins to get cloudy or gritty, throw it out and refill with clean water.

By leaving the dirtiest areas at the bottom until last, this will help avoid bringing dirt and grime up to the top in your wash mitt.


The tools needed to clean your exterior are fortunately minimal. All you need is:

  • Two buckets: For the two-bucket method
  • Noodle Mitt, Wash Mitt or Lambs Wool (personal preference)
  • Drying towel
  • Pressure Washed


Do sections of your car at a time once a section is washed rinse it before moving on, this will prevent water droplets from drying on the paint and leaving water spots you want to be able to dry the car with towels before it air dries. Adding a Power Maxed grit guard in the bottom of each of your buckets will minimize the chance of adding swirl marks.

When using a pressure washer, you should be able to hold your hand in front of the jet when in use. This prevents any lacquer/ damage to the paintwork.